No this is not a RTFM.   The Judy team often pondered this idea.  Alan even
wrote some code to "load" and "unload" a Judy Array.  My experiments have shown
that Judy is so fast compared to a disk access that doing just one element at a time
in a "for loop" is just as  adequate and gives you the opportunity to store the data
in your format on the disk.
However, I am open to suggestions.

Sorry for a delayed response.  I have just settled down in my Thailand home after
being on the road for about 6 weeks.  I plan on doing some intense work on Judy
for the first time in about a year and a half.

Thank you for your interest.
Doug Baskins <dougbaskins@yahoo.com>

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Subject: Save the array to a file?

I hope this is not a RTFM, I looked at is was not obvious and the SF 
mail archive search is bogus :(

I have a dynamic array that is seeded with out about 1000 entries 
from a data file.
Is there any way to save (or pre-compile?) this initial set so I 
don't suffer the overhead of populating it from a parser?
It would be fine if the result is static and I need to use another 
dynamic array for additions.


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