My latest version of Judy checks to see if it is being compiled in a
64 bit environment and sets the JU_64BIT macro.  Sorry I did not
do that in the released version.  I wish the compilers had a portable
way of testing for a 32/64 bit compile in the code.

Good catch John Tromp.  I would of never found that one.


Doug Baskins <>

From: john skaller <>
To: Erick Tryzelaar <>
Cc: felix <>; Jason E. Aten <>; John Tromp <>; judy <>; felix-impl <>;
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: [Felix-language] [felix] JudySL problem

On 31/10/2011, at 3:03 PM, john skaller wrote:

> On 31/10/2011, at 1:44 PM, John Tromp wrote:
>> hi John,
>>> Hmm .. what am I doing wrong here? This is a simple C program...
>> May be a problem with your Judy installation.
> Yes. That seems likely (since we use our own build script written in Python).

Yep .. its bugged: this code:

    macros = [dstname.upper()]
    if types.voidp.size == 8:

sets macros when building Judy1/JudyL but isn't invoked when building JudySL and JudyHS.

So JudySL and HS are built with default which I guess is 32 bits.

john skaller

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