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JTUtilities 0.30b released

Added linux/unix scripts.
Added a tar-gzip download.
Updated Readme.txt and corrected type-o's

New methods in JTUtilties class:

int getColumnWidth(JTable, int)
double getTextHeight(Font, String)
double getTextHeight(Font, String, FontRenderContext)
double getTextWidth(Font, String)
double getTextWidth(Font, String, FontRenderContext)
void setAllColumnWidths(JTable, int, int)
void showFeatureNotSupportedMessage(Component)... read more

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-05-12

JTUtilities 0.25b released

New component - JTOrnateAboutBox is a Windows XP "like" about box. Allows for a banner accross the top, as well as a icon on the left. Plus serveral fields for product name, version, copyright information, license comment, and license details.
Updated JavaDocs on serveral componets.
Fixed a mnemonic bug in JTLabel.
Minor improvement to JTTextField to make it select all text in the field when it gains focus.

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-04-12 is now Up! is now up and running.

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-04-10

JavaThis Map Editor

Check out the JavaThis MapEditor. The first application to use JavaThis Utilities. It can be found at:

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-04-06

Please submit RFE and Bugs

I would love to hear from you if you are using or have used JavaThis Utilities. If you have any request for enhancements please use the Tracker feature request to post them. If you find any bugs please use the Tracker bugs for post them. Also if you have any general questions or need assistance feel free to post in the public forums.

Thanks again

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-04-06

JTUtilities 0.20b released

Release mainly spared by the needs of the JavaThis Map Editor 0.10b. Also provided different packages. If you use the scripts
you will need to have Ant 1.4.1 now.

Main Changes: I added a JTToolBar to replace the bug ridden JToolBar of JDK 1.4.0 with some enhancements as well. Also added aJTCommandButtonLayout and JTVerticalFlowLayout Layout Managers. Some Minor bug fixes in JTLabel. Modifications in the ResourceBundle and property file JavaThis standards.

Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-04-03

JTUtilities 0.10b released

The first beta release of JTUtilities has been posted. The set of utilities will grow fast. Plans for several are in the works as I type. It still is lacking in the JavaDoc area, that will be improved over time. Please report any problems, make suggestions, and use the forums.



Posted by Rodney S. Foley 2002-03-30