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Jtrix 0.14.2

This update has several major changes:

Webtrix: Commands now have streaming ability for uploading WARs etc
Beatrix: Can run an application over multiple hosting services
Beatrix: Can run several application on one hosting contract
Beatrix: Load balancing implemented on Jtrix access servers
Beatrix: Several memory leaks have been plugged
Beatrix: SSL support for access points
Beatrix: Optimisation of several operations
Beatrix: Applications can manage their own leadership elections
Hospitality: Optimisation of hosting MIB
Launcher: Commands now have streaming ability
Nodality: Re-useable threads on synchronous invocation
Nodality: User configurable maximum limit for jar cache
Libjtrix: Jar hashes are now consistent after recompilation
API: Initialisation of netlets can now return data
Misc: Tested successfully under IBM's JVM
Misc: Windows script changes

Posted by The Jtrix Team 2001-12-10