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Link to a another piece of software

  • vasileios_h

    I used treview to visualize some clusters of chemical structures. Treeview does a very good job but then I want to link the line containing the name of the row with another program that displays the structure. At the moment when you click on the name you get a browser window opening lookink for a gene. Where is the line in your code that I have to point to a different point of software???



    • Alok Saldanha
      Alok Saldanha

      Dear Basil,

      You need to change the code in src/edu/stanford/genetics/treeview/BrowserControl.java
      When a link is clicked, BrowserControl.displayURL is called with the URL string.

      BrowserControl itself is an abstract class. Because url loading is platform specific, there is a different concrete subclass for each platform (i.e. MacBrowserControl for mac). Currently, at program startup. BrowserControl.getBrowserControl() is used to get an instance of the appropriate one. 

      I recommend that you implement your own subclass of BrowserControl, and then edit getBrowserControl so that it always returns it. If you're not too familiar with Java, you should be able to just cut and paste MacBrowserControl, change the name, change the code to do what you want, and then edit getBrowserControl so that it returns your program.

      You can also changed the URL templates to be something that your chemistry software will like more.

      Good luck!

      • Alok Saldanha
        Alok Saldanha

        I mean "return your subclass" not program, of course. They should really let you edit your own posts.