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Next synthesis algorithm

I found a newly developed algorithm for texture synthesis. It's called 'Texture Optimization for Example-based Synthesis' and it is represented in a paper by Vivek Kwatra, Irfan Essa, Aaron Bobick and Nipun Kwatra. You can see a web page representing the algorithm at http://www.cc.gatech.edu/cpl/projects/textureoptimization/. The paper is also available there. I haven't studied the paper thoroughly but the results on the web page seem to be quite impressive. This caused me to choose this algorithm.... read more

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-08-27

JTexSynth 0.3.0 released

After a couple of months of silence I'm happy to announce a release of a new version of JTexSynth. The biggest change in this release is that the code is now Java 1.5. For the end user that makes no difference. There are some other enhancements also. Check out the change log for them.

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-08-23

JTexSynth 0.2.1 released

A new version of JTexSynth was released today. This is mainly a bug fix release. A number of bugs were fixed. See release notes for details.

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-06-02

Documentation available

JTexSynth now has some user documentation. You can find this from the project web page at http://jtexsynth.sourceforge.net/documentation.php. The application should be easy and intuitive to use but if in trouble with the settings (especially with the plugin specific ones) please check out the help.

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-06-01

JTexSynth 0.2.0 released

A new version of JTexSynth was released today. The new version is 0.2.0. The changes in this release include:

* Preliminary structural texture support for Wang Tile plugin.
* Fixed bug #1209707: Negative values accepted for image size.

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-05-30

First public release of JTexSynth

JTexSynth has been developed for about two months. It was registered to SourceForge and the first public release was made available. Please read more about the application on the web pages http://jtexsynth.sourceforge.net

Posted by Aki Koskinen 2005-05-25