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jTDS 0.6 released

jTDS is the fastest JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server. Release 0.6 is the first production-level release, thanks to a large number of bugfixes made possible in part by refactoring the driver. Also, thanks to a growing jTDS developer community, some long-needed features have been added.

In the period after the last release, some performance testing has been done, comparing jTDS to some of the commercial drivers and, of course, Microsoft's own. The conclusions were unexpected: on most tests jTDS is A LOT faster than the competition!... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2004-01-27

jTDS 0.6-release-candidate-1 posted

A lot of refactoring, patches and bugfixes went into this new release. About 10 bugs were fixed, among which the most important is related to PreparedStatements silently (or not-so-silently) cutting off string, binary or long values.

See the changelog for more information on the exact bugs that were fixed.

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2003-12-22

jTDS JDBC driver version 0.5.2 released

jTDS the JDBC type 4 driver for Microsoft SQL Server is back on track. Before heading into some serious refactoring to allow further development, we have released a new version.

The 0.5.2 release adds 3 new features: SQL Server named instances, Windows authentication and full CallableStatement support. Also, a number of bugs were fixed, addressing DatabaseMetaData JDBC compliance, some synchronization (deadlock) issues, and some incorrectly generated exceptions.... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2003-11-28

jTDS JDBC driver release 0.5.1 out

A new, bugfix release of the jTDS JDBC driver for MS SQL is out. jTDS 0.5.1 fixes issues regarding meta data, java.sql.Timestamp values, MONEY and SMALLMONEY precision and last but not least, physical connection allocation.

Open source, 100% pure Java JDBC 2.0 driver for the Microsoft SQL Server series (6.5, 7.0 and 2000). jTDS is the only free JDBC driver for MS SQL Server still under active development. Although some advanced JDBC features are not fully implemented, jTDS offers a functional, high-performance JDBC implementation at zero cost.... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2003-01-31

jTDS JDBC driver version 0.5 released

jTDS is an open source JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.5, 7.0 and . The 0.5 release of jTDS is yet another refinement of the only free JDBC driver for MS SQL Server, still under active development.

The main improvements from the 0.4 version are in the area of cursor-based result sets (reintroduction of mainTds, same name, completely new concept), prepared statements (improved getXXX and setXXX implementations), escape sequences and, finally, a complete meta data implementation. Version 0.5 has been tested against Sun's JDBC Certification Test 1.2 and it performs pretty well (with the exception of batch updates which are not supported, yet). Also, as a little add-on to the new version, new documentation has been added to the project's web page (TDS 7.0 documentation and updated javadocs).... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-11-11

jTDS 0.4 released

jTDS is the only really free JDBC 2.0 driver for Microsoft SQL Server. It supports almost all of the required JDBC 2.0 features and what's even more important it's very reliable.

With release 0.4 jTDS has new package names (starting with net.sourceforge.jtds), reorganized and cleaned up code and a new URL format. Also, lots of bugs were fixed from release 0.3.2. The project's homepage was finished and somewhat redesigned, there is now a big FAQ page and brand new logo.

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-10-14

jTDS 0.3.2 released

jTDS is out again! This time with much improved physical connection handling and much cleaner code. Although jTDS can still use any number of physical connections per Connection object and no kind of limitation of any kind has been introduced, it currently creates only one physical connection in almost any conditions. Try checking this out with the SQL Server Profiler!

In addition to that, I started testing jTDS with the J2EE 1.2.1 Certification Test Suite and it looks like there aren't as many issues as I thought there would be (especially since the CTS is totally braindead :o) ). Anyway, the CTS proves to be a really good test suite and has uncovered quite a few nasty bugs. And, by the way, jTDS is now officially listed on Sun's list of JDBC drivers. It took some time, but it's finally there. People are starting to become interested in jTDS and that's good news for all of us!... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-09-20

jTDS 0.3.1 is out!

Due to a large number of bugfixes, cosmetizations and optimizations (and because lots of people are reporting bugs against jTDS 0.3 that are already fixed in the current development version) I decided to make a life easier on all of us and release a new minor version.

The next major release (in fact not really major, since it's only going to be still 0.x) is going to be after we change the package names to reflect the project's current web address. That's when the URL is going to change, too (by the way, the URL changed just a bit, no longer requiring a database name -- master is used by default).... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-09-06

jTDS has a homepage

Just as we promised a while ago, jTDS has a homepage. All those interested in Java, JDBC or MS SQL Server, are now invited to visit http://jtds.sourceforge.net

Find out why you should use and contribute to jTDS and what the upsides and downsides of jTDS are. Read about some other interesting projects more or less connected to jTDS.

Thanks (again) for all those visiting our project information page and downloading the last release of jTDS. We're currently ranked 163 out of over 45.000 projects.

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-08-21

jTDS 0.3 is here!

jTDS is an open pure java JDBC 2.0 driver for the Microsoft SQL Server series. With improved reliability, performance, more DatabaseMetaData, jTDS is back in action.

If you are using jTDS, please submit any bugs/problems you might encounter. Also, you could add a link to the project's homepage (http://jtds.sourceforge.net) to encourage other people to use it and maybe participate. The homepage is on the way, so hold on tight!... read more

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-08-19

jTDS 0.2 released!

The best (and only :o) ) open-source Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Sybase JDBC 2.0 driver is now more stable than ever. Lots of bugfixes (lost exceptions, 'protocol confusion' errors due to incomplete reading of TDS packets, multiple parallel statements per Connection object) and some new features added.

Interested? Try it out! It's fast, small and quite reliable for simple to medium-complexity tasks.

Posted by Alin Sinpalean 2002-07-16