jTDS JDBC Driver 1.2.7 and 1.3.0 released

The jTDS project has released version 1.2.7 and 1.3.0 of the open source JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. The new versions are a quite huge update, also fixing a number of critical bugs and improving the performance, so we'd highly encourage you to upgrade.

Version 1.3.0 is the first Java 7 compatible version of the driver and, beside the fix for bug #672, improves performance compared to version 1.2.7. The future development will be focused on the 1.3.x line of the driver, so further enhancements and bug fixes will not necessarily become available it the Java 1.3 compatible jTDS 1.2.x. You should only stick to jTDS 1.2 if you require to use a Java version prior to Java 7.

New features:
o Improved the database meta data support by adding (JDBC4) column IS_AUTOINCREMENT.
o Implemented support for the COMPUTE (BY) operator (bug #678, patch #48).

Bug fixes:
o #528, any ResultSet gets dropped when using RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS.
o Fixed a bug that caused Statement.close() to throw an exception for errors caused by previously executed statements.
o #609, slow SharedSocket finalization due to expensive locking.
o Fixed format conversion errors for DATETIME, DATE and TIME values.
o #615, SQL parser fails if function escapes contain nested functions.
o #634, incorrect comment processing in callable statements.
o Fixed parameter name format for procedure calls using named parameters.
o #647, preparing statements including a WITH clause don't retrieve meta data.
o #677, possible deadlock in JtdsStatement.close().
o #676, error in SQL parser concerning multi line comments.
o #541, data type mismatch when using {ts}/{t}/{d} JDBC escapes.
o A number of incorrect error messages have been fixed.
o #637, an attempt to execute a standard SQL statement using a CallableStatement now throws an appropriate SQLException on preparation.
o #633, possible NPEs in JtdsObjectFactory.
o Added missing getter/setter methods for connection property "autoCommit" in class JtdsDataSource.
o Corrected data types for connection properties "autoCommit" and "useNTLMv2".
o Added missing default for connection property "useNTLMv2".
o #661, memory pollution caused by ThreadLocal Calendar instances.
o #673, buffer overflow in SQL parser.
o #643, documentation error.
o #659, missing service provider configuration file for JDBC driver class.
o #656, unnecessary log pollution during emulated XA recovery.
o #667, spurious login timeouts if establishing connections concurrently.
o #642, a stream hasn't been closed in CharsetInfo.
o #608, various typos in Messages.properties.
o #660, problems with WebRing code of the project website.
o Fixed a race condition when closing a Statement in concurrent threads.

Posted by momo 2012-10-27