Frost betarelease 01-Jan-2011_beta

I am pleased to announce the release of a new beta version of the Frost project.
This release integrates several changes which have been made by various authors over the last couple of month. Most changes focused on improving the interface for file downloads. But there were other contributions like bug fixes as well.

This is the first release, which will be made under my control. Due to lack of time, bback has retired his active development of frost. I would like to use this post to thank him for all the work he has done and the time he has invested to develop Frost further. It has been nearly one decade now, since the development of Frost has been started, and bback has been one of the most active developers.

This release is considered to be of beta quality. This means that it is feature complete, but has not been fully tested yet.
I would like to ask you to download and test this version of Frost. You can use it with your old configuration and storage data. But I strongly advise you to create a backup of your current frost installation first.

Due to the number of frontend changes, there are quite a number of Language changes which still need to be translated. If you are a native speaker of one of the supported languages, please consider to spend some minutes on updating the language settings for your language.

File :
Key :
Bytes : 4.531.505


Posted by Jan Gerritsen 2011-01-02