Customised keycodes using applet parameter

  • Goh Bee Hock
    Goh Bee Hock


    keys mapping is a very useful function. I am writing a php to generate dynamic applet parameters for JTA based on some selection from user.

    I wish to customise the function keys(F1-F10) with different mapping each time the user select some options.

    Is that possible?

    Bee Hock.

    • You can create the keycodes file on
      the fly.

      The Terminal.keyCodes property contains the URL
      of the keycodes file.

      Documentation is here:

      Ciao, Marcus

    • Hi Marcus,

      I did went through the documentation and is not very sure about it.

      Does this mean that to map function key F1, I will do the following?

      <PARAM Name="Terminal.keyCodes.F1" VALUE="sh run">

      Bee Hock.

      • you do:

        <PARAM NAME="Terminal.keycodes" VALUE="http://yourhost/path/keycodes.php">

        and then you dynamically create keycodes.php
        with lines like:

        F1=sh run

        and so on.

    • it work like a charm. perhaps the documentation can be updated to include that for user like me. :)

      Bee Hock.