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#3 Open\Save dialogs - adding user's own file type (by ext)

Next Stable Release
Ian Lewis
jsXe (2)
Alexandr Gridnev

It is not very important, but if one of the ways to use
XML - to make formats of files for different
applications (for example *.mm for FreeMind) - it may
be useful to add a capability to add (saved into jsXe
config files) a custom filetype for save and load
dialogs - by files extension, and then - remember last
used by load\save dialog filetype and begin with it
when save\load dialog showed next time...

Also - may be remembering last used path for this
dialogs, to begin with it next time?

For example - if i edit files with *.mhb extension - i
always need to click to "Files of type" ComboBox (or
how this window element called in java..) and choose
"AllFiles", also i must go to directory with my files
because jsXe begins in my home directory.

It is not any critical thing, may be there are not a
lot of people who need this at all, but as i think - it
can make using of jsXe more comfortable...


  • Ian Lewis
    Ian Lewis

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