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Moved to Google Code

This project has moved entirely to Google hosted services, including Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/jswat/

Posted by Nathan Fiedler 2008-10-06

Totally SourceForged!

Now that SourceForge has Subversion support, and with a good mailing list manager, and reasonable issue tracker, I have moved all of the JSwat source code to SourceForge. Likewise, the mailing lists are now hosted here, as is the web content, and the bugs and features tracker. Basically everything that has to do with JSwat is now on this project page.



Posted by Nathan Fiedler 2007-05-16

Re-arranged downloads

I have combined the v1, v2, and v3 packages into just one package called "jswat", to reduce the clutter. The old packages will no longer be used, so if you subscribed for notifications, you should make sure to subscribe to the "jswat" package.

Posted by Nathan Fiedler 2005-08-21

jEdit plugin is here

I've added the jEdit JSwatPlugin to this SourceForge project as of release 1.4.

Posted by Nathan Fiedler 2004-02-16


JSwat has been added to SourceForge as yet another Java-based project. You will find the release files, surveys, and user forums. See the www.bluemarsh.com site for the official project page.


Posted by Nathan Fiedler 2002-07-31