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First VirtualKeyboard release on Sourceforge

VirtualKeyboard is mature project, implementing web-based keyboard emulator with the following features:
- mouse and keyboard input, providing on-the-fly symbols translation
- large number of the supported languages (69 for 3.1 release) and layouts (127 for 3.1 release)
- support for Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, layout generation tool
- support for the deadkeys and the ligatures
- support for user-defined symbol processing function, base for the different kinds of the IME
- completely skinnable, CSS-driven layout
- support for both quirks- and standards-compliant DOCTYPEs
- pure JavaScript solution with single-line include in the page source and zero configuration
- upcoming support for true IME-based languages, like Chineese, Japaneese, etc... read more

Posted by Ilya Lebedev 2007-06-06