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Welcome to the JSTx project !
JSTx is a command line utility to execute jointSPACE commands on a device that supports the jointSPACE protocol. JSTx runs on Linux PC's, Raspberry Pi's and Nokia N900 mobile phones.
(Screenshot of JSTx with a PNG image)

Typical devices that support jointSPACE commands are Philips TV's from 2009 and 2010 (example type numbers of supporting devices 42pfl9664, 32pfl7605 etc.).
Refer to http://jointspace.sourceforge.net for details on jointSPACE and supporting devices. jointSPACE is based on DirectFB.
In essence, JSTx allows you to control and display graphics on top of your TV video, using a PC and a network connected to the jointSPACE enabled TV.

What's new

2013-04-03 - Now with support for the Raspberry-Pi (Wheezy build)

Who is using it (project examples)

Using the Raspberry Pi and JSTx to get some sensor information to the TV (German): more info here

Domoticaforum highlighting the use of JSTx (English): info here


JSTx is available for Linux systems, the famous Raspberry Pi and the (somewhat old) Nokia N900 mobile phone:

  • You can download the latest release of JSTx for the Raspberry Pi here.
  • You can download the latest release of JSTx for Linux here.
  • You can download the latest release of JSTx for the Nokia N900 here.

There will not be an Android, iPhone or Windows build made available. This software is for advanced usage only.

What can I do with JSTx ?

The current feature list of JSTx is as follows:

  • using a command line tool for Linux, send jointSPACE commands to a jointSPACE capable device (e.g. TV) to:
    • display an overlay with text and PNG images on top of your TV video
    • change channels, send other remote control commands
    • change activity mode of the TV, to go from e.g. TV watching to Net TV
    • continue using your TV while the overlay is shown on your TV
    • continuously update a text on your TV from a predefined text file, so you could e.g. show RSS feeds or new e-mail
    •  ??? your creative solution here !

Donations for this project are welcome here.


Discuss on this project on the forum here.

Project page

The project page with further details can be found here.

Supported models

The list of supported models is on the original JointSpace site. Typically, model numbers ending on xxx4-xxx6 (e.g. 47pfl7606) work well with JSTx. For other models mileage may vary, and there support may be limited to key input/output only.