JStock - Stock Market Software: 1.0.5L

JStock 1.0.5L had been released. Supports multiple watchlists, help menu calculator, and many bug fixes.

Feature: Support multiple watchlists. Manage your favorite stock watchlist, by splitting them into high growth stocks and dividend gained stocks.

Feature: User will have much better hint on what portfolio he is in, by looking at the label, instead of having to click on the drop-down menu.

Feature: User may launch calculator through Help menu.

Bugfix: MFI calculation causing infinity loop.

Bugfix: Load cloud files fail in Linux, if the cloud files are saved from Windows.

Bugfix: When changing to a new country, the previous country's portfolio name will be carried over to new country. The new country's portfolio name shouldn't have any relation with old country's.

Bugfix: Rename "Real-Time Info" to "Stock Watchlist".

Bugfix: Avoid potential OutOfMemory exception caused by endless add operation into the same button group.

You may download latest JStock 1.0.5L from http://jstock.sourceforge.net/download.html. New 1.0.5L is compatible with old 1.0.5k. You need not to uninstall old 1.0.5k to install new 1.0.5L. Hence, your previous saved data will not lose.

Posted by yccheok 2010-05-13