Implementing polish stock market (GPW) in Jstock

  • Hello,

    I wrote some info in the feature request ( but i t's quite old and could not be noticed, so i will repaste it here:

    I would like to implement integration of jstock with Warsaw Stock Exchange (in polish named GPW). It would be a part of my M.Sc. diploma, so there are high chances that this will happen and will be made correctly :). However there is small issue with the data - the free data sources which are currently available for GPW provides us with data which is 15 minutes delayed (where by delay i mean that data is available instantly, but it's 15 minutes old). Would it make sense to implement it in such case? I know it's not as great as real time data, but my question is more about if this somehow breaks jstock work logic, etc.


  • yccheok

    No. No logic will be break as JStock is not designed as real time stock market software. Btw, may I know where do you get data from? Is it reliable enough? Do they provide history data feed?

  • ms32035

    You can get all history data from BOS bank website:
    It's updated daily and very reliable