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Very delayed data from Yahoo

  • Hi, first of all I'd like to congratulate you for excelent program that you wrote, especially the Stock Indicator Editor pane. I've planed to do something similar but due to the lack of time it was impossible to do. So, that's exactly what I'd like to find ;)

    I'm using the program with the brazilian stock market and it seems to me that Yahoo is a little lazy with the data (at least for Brazil). For example, the last trading day was July 12 and some stocks appears to me in the chart with the data of 8, 9, 1 or even jun.

    I wrote a very little program that catch the historical data (days before) and the online data (intraday) from a DDE link. I did a quick look at the code but sincerely I didn't understand it very well, at least at a first look!

    Do you think that worth to integrated it in somehow in order to use the program with the correct data? I thought to create a kind of web service to run with Tomcat (locally) in a similar way that yahoo does, but logically retrieving my information, so I wouldn't modify to much the program and I'm going to be able to use the future versions.

    My main concern is: due to the wrong data in chart the results of the Stock Indicator Scanner will be wrong too??

    Sorry for the eventually poor english.

  • yccheok

    If you could give us a web service, to provide better history quotes or real-time data than Yahoo!, we are more than happy to integrate it with JStock. Design of JStock does allow it to support data from multiple sources : https://sourceforge.net/p/jstock/code/ci/default/tree/src/org/yccheok/jstock/engine/Factories.java

    Yes. Wrong data in chart can cause Stock Indicator Scanner be wrong too.

  • Ok, now I don't remember a better data provider than yahoo. I'll study better the code. One last question: the program uses the layout of the yahoo finance, right? Do you know where do I get this layout, especially the historical data?

  • I think that I didn't elaborate the last question very well. What I mean is, how the program gets the historical data to built the chart and to run the indicator scanner?

  • Hi. I studied the code and I understood how the program gets the historical data. I already did a modification to integrated the program with my local data.

  • yccheok

    Great! Looking forward your contribution! Do you mind that, for us to use your code contribution in our recent launched JStock Android, which itself is a commercial product, not an open source product.

  • I don't mind. But what I did was something very especific. As I told to you previously, I had on my computer the entire data of some period of the stocks. I create a jar with a little code to catch the data. So in jstock's code I call a class that includes the up to date data. I did the same with the real time data.

    If there is something that I can do to help you develop JStock, tell me.

    By the way, I installed the Android's JStock app and it was very cool.