Weekly candlesticks to excel.

  • Addi

    Hello and thanks for JStock, really nice.

    I would like to get weekley candlestick data for excel, when Im in weekley view..
    ..monthly data when in monthly view and daily data when in daiy view of a chart.

    This is beacause I cant print the charts correctly, they get to small (only 12cm x 8cm) no matter wich format I choose to print.
    I dont know if others have the same problem with printing charts.

  • yccheok

    Currently, the only way to overcome this, is to save out the data in CSV format. Then, you have to use Excel to load CSV, write your own Excel script to generate the candlestick chart.

    We know the candles are small right now :)

    But, in near short term, we do not have plan to fix that, as we have other priorities on hand. Please refer to http://yccheok.blogspot.com/2012/02/upcoming-development-plan-for-jstock.html