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J-SRT-Proc / News: Recent posts

Project Wiki

I've updated the project Wiki, which you can find at

In the Wiki, you can find information about what JSRTProc is, how it works and some real-time concepts.

Please drop by, have a read and let me know what you think!

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2009-11-10

Name Change

After some heated discussion on (see\) about using the word "Java" in the name of the project, I changed the name to its short form, J-SRT-Proc. Hopefully, this change will rid me of having to defend the obvious: that a Java class library can be named "Java something" without infringing any trademark.

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2009-03-10

Source code available!

The sources are available in the project's SVN repository, so you can check 'em out! Many things are still missing, like complete Javadocs, an Ant build-file and a couple of examples. I will be filling the empty spots as quickly as I can. Please drop by the SVN repo and have a look at the code! Any comments are welcome!

Posted by Vagelis Giannadakis 2009-02-08