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Eclipse JSP Refactoring Tools / News: Recent posts

Blog's Page on Air

Yes, just a blog but I'm sure that is better than nothing ...

Posted by Woody 2008-12-05

New member in 3.

Anderson Andrade just arrived to help.

Posted by Woody 2008-12-03

New member in 2.

Prozion just arrived to help.

Posted by Woody 2008-12-02

New member in.

Gabriel Silva just arrived to help.

Posted by Woody 2008-12-01

Source Code uploaded

I just finish to upload my previous code. This code is what I've done so far, unplugged.

I used the source code of an unfinished plugin that I was working on when I was in EDS, so don't be surprised with the classes names (ClearcasePlugin, ClearcaseWhatever ...).

Posted by Woody 2008-11-29

Welcome Home!

Eclipse JSP Refactoring Tools just arrived!

Posted by Woody 2008-11-28