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JSPowerLin - Linux with a Java edge / News: Recent posts

First tasks assigned

The first tasks of this project are assigned. Right now the first task, researching a minimal LSB system, has launched.

Posted by Sjoerd van Leent 2004-01-02

Tiger discussions

Follow the tiger discussions at:

Posted by Sjoerd van Leent 2003-12-16

SUN's retrofit

The new java site from sun is available. It is totally in the shape which is also used by Look at it at:

Posted by Sjoerd van Leent 2003-12-08

J2xE Tiger news

Look at the chat transcript for the new upcoming Java 1.5 (Tiger) release. Look carefully, you can get forthweek builds.

Posted by Sjoerd van Leent 2003-11-04