Hi all,

just a head up to let you know that I modified the build system. Doxygen documentation is no longer generated from the Scons script.

To replace it, a small python script named doxybuild.py is invoked from the command-line. It uses doc/doxyfile.in as a template, does substitution (version number & directories), and optionaly generates the tarball.

This solves all the (build) issues related to having doxygen generation in Scons, and makes development workflow easier when working on the doc (e.g. you can opt out of graph generation to reduce doc generation time and are assurred that the doc is regenerated).

* Building the documentation:

Run the python script doxybuild.py from the top directory:

python doxybuild.py --open --with-dot

See doxybuild.py --help for options.

E:\prg\vc\Lib\jsoncpp-trunk>python doxybuild.py -h
Usage: doxybuild.py
    Generates doxygen documentation in build/doxygen.
    Optionaly makes a tarball of the documentation to dist/.

    Must be started in the project top directory.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --with-dot            Enable usage of DOT to generate collaboration diagram
  --dot=DOT_PATH        Path to GraphViz dot tool. Must be full qualified
                        path. [Default: c:\wut\files\Graphviz\bin\dot.exe]
                        Path to Doxygen tool. [Default:
  --with-html-help      Enable generation of Microsoft HTML HELP
  --no-uml-look         Generates DOT graph without UML look [Default: False]
  --open                Open the HTML index in the web browser after
  --tarball             Generates a tarball of the documentation in dist/