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jsMSX 0.9.2 released on 02/09/2006

jsMSX, the first 100% Javascript MSX Emulator, has just released its beta version 0.9.2.

jsMSX allows the emulation of the MSX 1.0 Standard inside most mainstream web browsers, such as Firefox 1.5/2.0, IE 6.0, Opera and Safari, which implement the <canvas> tag to display graphics in Javascript. Web page logic can be tightly integrated with legacy and new MSX programs and games. jsMSX also includes the first Javascript-only emulation of the Z80 processor, which can be useful in a range of web projects.... read more

Posted by magnesium 2006-09-02

jsMSX 0.9.2 highlights

jsMSX, the first MSX Emulator 100% in javascript, has released its beta version 0.9.2. The project invites everyone to check it out from the SVN repository, try it, enjoy and report any bugs.

The recommended web browser platform to run it on is Firefox 2.0+, which implements gfx acceleration methods for the <canvas> tag.

- fallback gfx support for web browsers implementing only unaccelerated <canvas> tag (i.e. without get/putImageData() gfx acceleration methods), such as Firefox 1.5, Opera 9.0, IE 6.0 and Safari. jsMSX will now run on them, albeit slower.
- optimization of Z80 code with 2x improvement in performance (many function calls replaced for direct assignment).... read more

Posted by magnesium 2006-09-02

jsMSX 0.9.1 released on 24/08/2006

First public version of jsMSX was released, emulating the Z80 CPU, TMS9918 VDP, PPI and Megaram. Currently in beta version 0.9.1, it should run any MSX 1.0 program or game on Firefox 2.0+. Work on optimization of its Javascript code and support for Firefox 1.5, Opera 9.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0 is ongoing.

Posted by magnesium 2006-08-25