Strange problem with MSIE7

Ian Wild
  • Ian Wild
    Ian Wild

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd post details of a strange problem I encountered yesterday with Moodle and MSIE8 running in IE7 Standards document mode. Basically I was getting the dreaded "jsMath.js file must be loaded from a server in the same domain as the page that contains it" warning on one of my test sites. I eventually tracked the problem to the Domain function in jsMath.js.

    The issue was that the domain is "nae-ho-moo" but I'd specified $CFG->wwwroot in Moodle's config.php file as "NAE-HO-MOO", i.e. capitalized. For some reason, which unfortunately I don't have time to investigate more fully, in IE7 compatibility mode the string comparison seems to fail. Case sensitivity seems to be an issue here.

    Hope this makes sense… and helps anyone else who might have a similar issue with this warning.


  • Thanks for the report.  I'll make the domain-name check be case-insensitive in the next version of jsMath.