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New SipChat release

I've recently had the time to upgrade the SipChat client to 0.3. This version adds "xpidf" presence document support, which will provide for presence interoperability with MS Messenger. In brief testing and using a SIP presence server, I was able to see my presence between SipChat and MS Messenger, and initiate IM conversations. The client seems to break at this point, most likely because the jSIP library doesn't not have support for the "forkingid" parameter. If time allows, I will try to resolve this problem.... read more

Posted by Steve Jones 2002-10-07

SipChat released

I've just released a first version of an IM client based on the SIP extensions. While it still has some deficiencies (see the README included), it does have some functionality, and the GUI is relatively mature. I'll try to get some screenshots on the homepage as soon as possible. To build this client, you will need the most current jSIP library (0.8). See the README.sipchat for further details.

Posted by Steve Jones 2002-04-03

JSIP Updated

I've checked in several things into the project CVS repository, including many enhancements and fixes. This isn't a stable release yet, but offers more capabilities. I will be trying to clean it up enough in the near future to release a newer version.

Posted by Steve Jones 2002-02-18

Release of Java SIP library

The first version of the Java SIP library, jSIP, has been released today. This library will implement the Session Initiation Protocol as defined by RFC 2543. Any one interested in contributing to this project can contact me. Thanks.

email: srjlej

Posted by Steve Jones 2001-04-02