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JSCookMenu 2.0 released.

JSCookMenu is a powerful menu script written in JavaScript that can mimic complex menus found in popular GUI Applications. It is relatively simple and easy to use.

In version 2.0, many new features are introduced and many browser problems get addressed. Now it is possible to display menu over flash/select box even in IE.

The coolest feature are the special effects, such as Sliding and Fading in/out, which can be attached to almost any JSCookMenu themes.... read more

Posted by Coconut 2006-08-20

JSCookMenu and JSCookTree moved to SF.net

JSCookMenu and JSCookTree, two javascripts which were originally hosted at my UCLA web site is now at SF.net.

JSCookMenu is a javascript which produces a DHTML menu. It has been used in numerous projects and web sites, due to its professional look and simplicity to use. Although being free is a big factor too.

JSCookTree is a somewhat less popular javascript which produces a DHTML tree, which can be used as menu as well.... read more

Posted by Coconut 2006-08-20