I'm currently encountering a problem where Ant hangs indefinitely upon executing an sshexec task; even a simple command (ls for example) will hang until I end the Ant process (at which point it successfully executes the ssh commands).
Excessive Googling shows this is a common problem, and one for which users haven't yet found a viable solution.
Anyone have any ideas?

A few odd things of note:
A) This problem has only recently appeared on my target system. It is also not totally constant; of ~20 executions, it will exit successfully maybe once.
B) If I attempt to scp a file, it will hang without transferring until after I kill the Ant process; it then immediately carries out the remaining scp task.

I'm using the most current versions of Ant and JSCH, am running my tasks from Windows 7 and RHEL5 (no noticeable difference), and am targeting a node running RHEL5.

Thanks for the help!

-Emerson Sklar