Hi Atsuhiko,

I had a business partner who was using my SFTP client software that was based on JSch 0.1.45. The partner noticed that the SFTP client hung when it tried to disconnect from the SFTP server. Unfortunately I didn't have access to their system to investigate the issue, but for me somehow the "disconnect()" call to JSch hung.

My SFTP client software implemented the disconnection operation as follows:


I think either of the two "disconnect()" calls hung.

My business partner connected to "HP-UX Secure Shell software bundle from HP - The software version is A.05.90 which is based on OpenSSH version 5.9p1".

Can we apply timeout to the "disconnect()" calls? I mean the "disconnect()" calls should return after a timeout duration instead of just waits forever until the server responds ...

Best Regards,
Viet Phan