jsch send() time out

  • Hello guys,

    I'm in need of help big time, you guys kinda are my last hope.
    So let me try to explain what is wrong, I have developed using jSch a ssh client.
    This client is in an oracle database as a stored java class called by a stored procedure.
    On this stored java class I use the command put to drop files on a linux ssh server.
    The problem is I can drop small files but if I try to drop a file bigger then 150Kb I'm getting the following error
    4: java.io.InterruptedIOException: send() timed out A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately.
    The same stored java class on my computer has no problem in drooping files on any other server of any kind of sizes.
    So from server X that is a windows 2000 server I want to drop files on server Y that is a linux ssh server.
    If I try the same thing from my local server to a server Z that is a linux ssh server I don't have this issue, it seams the problem is between those two servers X and Y there is a problem and i don't know what it is.
    Please keep in mind Y has no restrictions regarding how big the files are or no timeout limit, and with winscp i can drop files from server X to server Y no matter the size.
    Any ideas regarding this issue ?

    Best regards and thanks in advance.