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Duplicate host keys gets added in known_hosts

  • Hi Folks,

    In our Java Application, we are using the third party jar (JSch Version: 0.1.20) for retrieving the files through sftp on a Solaris platform.

    We are just calling the jsch plugin's APIs for all our sftp file related operations. But, under some unknown scenarios, strangely, the known_hosts file is getting appended with the duplicate host keys. This is observed shortly after our application successfully downloads the file from the sftp server.

    But, we found that the public key file (id_rsa.pub) of the sftp server has not changed.

    After a certain period, automatically, the host keys are getting removed from the known_hosts file. All these things happen in a choatic and unorderly manner.

    Can somebody shed some light on this ?.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Prakash Udayakumar.