#106 Tanks not draining or causing a starve

Jon S. Berndt
Algorithm (62)
Jon S. Berndt

If there are more than one oxidizer tanks, but one is not being drawn from via a <feed> element in an engine definition, that tank will still contribute to the available oxidizer load tally, but the tank will not drain, and the engine will not starve when the oxidizer in the active tanks runs out.


  • Bertrand

    I just added a new script x153.xml in CVS to test this scenario. A new oxidizer tank (id=2) has been added to the X-15 which does not feed the main engine. The contents of the main engine oxidizer tank has been chosen so that it runs out before the fuel tank.

    The execution of the script x153.xml does not exhibit the behaviour you described. Instead the main engine flames out as soon as its oxidizer tank is empty although the 2 other tanks are not empty.

  • Jon S. Berndt
    Jon S. Berndt

    I can't recall for sure, but I may have fixed this already. I remember that it was a sort of inoccuous bug and hard to test, requiring some special conditions. I'll close it. Thanks.