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Support for JSBSim CVS in trunk

Support for the CVS version of JSBSim is in trunk, and it is ready for testing.

Posted by cpaul 2008-12-20

New release 0.2

A new release is available. Some bugs have been fixed and new features have been added. In detail:

- Bug with Joystick.GetButton( ) fixed (part of the Panda3D demo)
- Subclasses of FGEngine are now wraped too. FGPropulsion.GetEngine( ) returns the right subclass.
- Subclasses of FGThruster are now wraped too. FGEngine.GetThruster( ) returns the right subclass.
- Docstrings have been added to all methods and classes, where available. The documentation is copy&paste from JSBSim documentation, witch modifications where Python API differs from C++ API. pydoc works for HTML documentation generation.
- Code cleanup, especially concerning bool arguments or return values.

Posted by Ralf Pfrogner 2007-07-26