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JS4J Beta version released!

This is the initial release of the Javascript for Java modeling framework. This initial release, while not entirely complete, still supports the vast majority of the types of things you would want to do in javascript.

The API is very transparent and easy-to-use. It's designed to be flexible and extendable. All you have to do to extend it is implement the Scriptable interface.

This version comes with a built-in implementation of JSObjectManager, which provides a potential alternative to using AJAX. It allows you to create dynamic references to javascript functions that can then be accessed through the UI. Because these functions are loaded not evaluated, but at the same time dynamically generated, it allows you to import several layers of the user experience.
If AJAX is required, the model can return an xml document from a service.
There are many new features down the line, including a fully-mirrored javascript model and an http service, as well as a swing UI.

Posted by kevin cowan 2007-11-08