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js.console 1.0 Released

The js.console 1.0 has been released today. The js.console is a simple CSS and JS file that allows JavaScript Developers to write code at a faster speed. It allows them the add logs which can be in the categories of Info, Warn and Error. They may also choose to add watches on variables and view their status. The console logs everything according to time and shows it to the user according to time as well!
Download it and take it on a spin. If you have any new ideas or if you have spotted a ug that needs to be squatted, please feel free to email me at prateek.saxena@yahoo.com this code is not very optimized and will become optimized drastically in js.console 1.5 which is coming towards you faster than you would expect!

Posted by Prateek Saxena 2007-03-12