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#5 Additional flexibility in code generation

Dean Jones

I hope this is the right place to be submitting this.
We have recently started looking at JReleaseInfo with a
view to using it in our product. We think it will be
very useful for us, with a couple of minor additions.
We want to be able to specify that the generated file
extends a particular superclass and/or implements an
interface. Following on from this, we also want to be
able to specify that the generated methods are not
static. I have updated the JReleaseInfo source code
locally such that the ant task now takes attributes
"superclass" and/or "interface" (the values of which
are fully-qualified class names), which addresses the
first requirement. I have also updated the code so that
the jreleaseinfo ant target can have nested "property"
elements, which have the attributes name, value, type
(i.e. the same as the parameter elements) but
additionally can optionally have boolean-valued "final"
and "static" attributes, which specify what modifiers
the generated methods should have (they both default to
"true" to match the way that the code is currently
generated). It would of course have been better just to
extend the existing "parameter" element but this is not
possible. At least this shouldn't break any existing
jreleaseinfo targets. The question is, would you like
me to send these changes to you? It would be better for
us if subsequent releases of JReleaseInfo included
these changes rather than us having to either stay with
v1.2 or make the same changes to each release.


  • Thomas Cotting
    Thomas Cotting

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