#17 64 bit version


I really like this tool!

I also need it on Windows 64 bit version (like Windows Server 2008).
Would it be possible to have a 64 bit DLL?


  • Matt Hilliard
    Matt Hilliard

    I'm happy to port this to any windows platform that I have access too, but I don't (yet) run 64-bit windows at home or work, so unless someone wants to download the source and port it themselves, this has to wait.

    If you'd like to port it yourself, I'm happy to make suggestions or try and answer any questions you've got. The 2006 Microsoft development tools generated extremely bloated output (a file 4 times larger, missing I/O routines provided by some random version of mscvrt, but I was able to make the project build and the output work with these tools, without too much hassle.
    The default build uses the 32-bit version of minGW, which creates a smaller binary that contains all the I/O routines it needs--while this tool will not create a 64-bit version, there is a 64-bit version of minGW which may or may not be a drop-in replacement https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64/ (I know it exists, but without 64 bit windows, I have no need to try it)

  • As a workaround you can add 32 bit DLL to %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64 and 64 bit Windows will be able to use it. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WoW64

  • Matt Hilliard
    Matt Hilliard

    If someone can try this and post back the the forum, that would be great!
    In theory the 32-bit dll can be put anywhere in the path that the 32-bit Java can resolve, and work from there.

    I *expect* the solution might be problematic if running a 64-bit Java--which is the heart of the problem (more than the 64-bit OS--if you can use the 32-bit Java this dll shouldn't be an issue--but that's completely unverified as I have no honest knowledge about Microsoft porting the Win32 API to their 64-bit OSes either).
    I don't know if SUN (or Oracle or IBM or whomever you use to make you Java go) has put any 32-bit backwards compatibility in their JNI implementation--its not documented.

  • Leif Lundgren
    Leif Lundgren

    I have managed to build the JNI using VS2010. Anybody interested in that DLL?

  • Bill Findeisen
    Bill Findeisen

    Has anyone successfully built a 64-bit version? I could really use one for the 64-bit jvm. Thanks!

  • Dev

    I need DLL based on 64 bit version java. Has anyone built on 64-bit?