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Jreepad 1.5 released

Jreepad is a clean and simple tool which makes it easy to store notes in a flexible tree structure. It's platform-independent but targeted at Mac OSX (with a tailored app bundle).

Version 1.5 includes the following improvements:
- JTextile formatting, for a convenient and elegant wiki-like formatting of text
- Infinite undo/redo of changes to text in nodes
- Document icons and file associations (under Mac OSX) for added convenience
- Improved keyboard shortcuts
- A handful of bugfixes

Posted by Dan Stowell 2006-03-12

Jreepad 1.4.1 released

Jreepad is a Java-based personal information manager, storing notes in a simple tree structure. It's very useful for all kinds of things.

Version 1.4.1 adds some interface improvements to 1.4, so it's slightly smoother to use.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2005-08-26

Jreepad 1.4 released

Jreepad is an excellent Java-based personal information manager, storing notes in a simple (and therefore powerful) tree structure.

Release 1.4 adds interface improvements, I18N support, and the ability to view nodes in tabular or HTML format. Thanks to all who contributed, and who tested the beta versions!

Posted by Dan Stowell 2005-06-03

Anyone use older versions of Java?

In finishing off the new release of Jreepad, I'm considering using some features only available in Java 1.4. Currently, Jreepad works on Java RE versions 1.2 and later, so this change would mean "leaving behind" anyone who is stuck with Java version 1.2 or 1.3. Anyone who wishes to complain about this, let me know by contacting me on my Sourceforge email address. Thanks! Dan

Posted by Dan Stowell 2005-05-05

Public beta of Jreepad 1.4

Jreepad 1.4 includes some great new functionality, for working with HTML-formatted or tabular (CSV) nodes in particular.

I'd like to encourage people to try out the public beta version (available from the downloads page) and leave feedback - thanks.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2005-02-06

Jreepad 1.3 released

Jreepad is a simple personal information management program for Mac OSX and many other platforms (written in Java).

Version 1.3 improves on 1.2 with bugfixes and lots of improvements to the graphical interface - most importantly the search function, which is practically instant and much improved.

Visit http://jreepad.sourceforge.net and have a look.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-11-17

Jreepad 1.2 released

Jreepad allows you to store all your notes in a tree structure - simple idea, but incredibly useful.

Jreepad 1.2 fixes an important bug in 1.1 which was causing some data to be lost - so please download 1.2 right now! It also has a beefed-up HTML export feature, and a couple of other minor improvements.

To download Jreepad 1.2: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=96093

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-07-29

Jreepad 1.1 released

Jreepad allows you to store all your notes in a tree structure - simple idea, but incredibly useful. This release adds some interface improvements, plus import/export improvements and a new export format, so it's recommended for all users.

Jreepad is cross-platform, but our OSX-specific bundle has a couple of specific refinements too, to make it fit more naturally into its environment....


Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-07-18

Jreepad 1.0 released! Fetch the champagne!

Jreepad reaches a kind of maturity by becoming an official stable release. Various improvements have been made, and Jreepad is now also available as a Mac OSX application bundle. Lovely. For more info see here: http://freshmeat.net/projects/jreepad/

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-05-19

Hooray! The first beta of Jreepad v1.0 is released!

Jreepad, the Java-based personal information manager / freeform database, now emulates the full functionality of Treepad Lite, and more bells and whistles besides!

On top of the core information management functionality, Jreepad now features a set of export/import formats(text, text-list, HJT, XML, and a nice neat HTML export), cross-linking, powerful searching, integrated websearch, autosave....... read more

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-04-27

Jreepad 0.6 released

Jreepad version 0.6 has almost all the functionality we want - we're very close to achieving a decent 1.0 release.

Many useful features added in this update: all preferences are persistent from session to session; undo; autosave; autodate when creating new nodes; improved some UI features; fixed a couple of bugs.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-04-18

Jreepad 0.4 - almost full functionality

With version 0.4 we're almost there with the complete "Treepad Lite" functionality. It has a good search facility - this is the main addition in this version. Still to come: printing, more import/export options, and possibly Treepad-style hyperlink behaviour.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-04-12

Version 0.1 released!

Thank the lord, I've managed to work out how CVS works! I've committed the development version of Jreepad into sourceforge.net, and bundled it up into a nice JAR file which is an executable Java treepad viewer. It can open a well-formed Treepad lite (HJT) file, and let you browse around the file in the usual Treepad fashion. What's missing is any kind of editing. We can't yet rearrange nodes or add/delete nodes, etc.

Posted by Dan Stowell 2004-04-05