jrat issue, not .jrat datafile

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    Im profiling my spring based webapp, java 1.4 on JBoss 3.2.7.
    I have included the system properties:


    i have included the jrat jar in the jboss boot classpath (was getting
    classdefnotfoundexception - now im not)
    Since Im running on 1.4 jvm I have instrumented my code using the desktop
    by selecting first my whole .war and then just trying a .jar within the
    .war. Output of desktop tool doesnt list classes that are getting profiled,
    I assume this is correct? Anyway there are no startup errors and the
    jrat.log and memory.csv is created, but when I close JBoss the .jrat data
    file is not created. There is no error on shutdown.

    Both startup and shutdown jboss logs indicate jrat is doing stuff, no
    logging though while the war is executed from a browser.

    Whats up!?