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Russian translation

  • Vadim Mirgorod
    Vadim Mirgorod

    Hi! I think it would be fine if I translate this program on Russian. I have enough expireance in programmin on PHP and C, and have a little programming expireance on Java.

    Culd you help me to start? What Java development prgoram I should use and what module/class/data file is needed to translate?

    • Hi Vadim!

      The idea to translate jQuantum into Russian is great, and I think it is rather easy (well, I admit that I had to refactor the program considerably, since the texts were implemented in the inner of the GUI program.)

      The perhaps easiest way is to translate the XML-file "Bundle_en.xml" downloadable on the SVN repository

      (clicking on it and copy it after then clicking "as text") and sending your result to me. If, on the other hand, you want to join the project as a developer, please let me know by e-mail, you can then contribute via SVN (please do not use CVS, the project has migrated, but I yet did not find out how to "switch off" CVS). I work with Eclipse and the Plug-In Subclipse, it works very fine. I also tried out Netbeans (with which I implem,ented the GUI), but I have some problems.