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#3 Not seeing changes to the password file...

Michael Porter

The app doesn't appear to be seeing changes that occur in the password file unless I force it to reread the file by reading it from a different location. It appears that data is being buffered somewhere. What is going on here? This could be a security leak.



  • David

    Hi Mike,

    not sure what you are getting at - the application reads the pasword db into memory (and encrypts it there).
    Changes on the file during that time are not expected and are only detected when trying to rewrite the password db file. If the file has been changed, you are forced to save to a different file.

    Changes should be detected if the application was locked in the meantime, as the memory is cleared in the process.

    By design, java password safe is not able to work concurrently with the same password db file at the moment.

    Does that answer your question?


  • Michael Porter
    Michael Porter

    Not exactly. The situation I am in is that I can't install application of my own on one of the computers that I use. I can however, run compiled Java applications (like pwsafe). What I am doing is copying the *.psafe3 file from another computer that is running the Windows version of the application.
    The problem is that when I exit out of the java version, and replace the file with the one from the other PC the Java version (when relaunched) doesn't see any changes that had been made to the file. In fact, I can even reboot the computer that is running the Java version and when lauched the Java version does not see the changes made to the file.
    If, however, I copy the modified password file to another location and open it from that new location, then the Java version sees the changes...


    PS this the computer running the Java version of the application is running Windows 7.

  • David

    This somehow sounds like windows security shadow directories to me...
    I remember Firefox DownloadManager being plagued by something similar on Windows Vista...