Build problems in MacOS X 1.6 (help?)

  • Jens Jorgensen
    Jens Jorgensen

    Hello, so I'm a c++ developer by trade so I'm a bit of an idiot where Java's
    concerned. I pulled latest source from trunk. First I could not build because
    the project wants to reference the project /org.eclipse.swt. This will fail
    because you cannot import the .zip that you can download as a project. This
    seems to be a known "feature" that has changed from older versions. I edited
    the .classpath to get rid of the /org.eclipse.swt dependency and then added
    the swt.jar that is available in the swt .zip. That solved the dependency

    Subsequent to that, I'm getting lots of compile errors. For example it
    complains the HICommand is not resolvable. A little googling for HICommand
    seems to indicate this was/is an internal class for the Mac/Carbon flavor of

    1. WARNING in /src/org/eclipse/ui/internal/carbon/
      (at line 28)

    import org.eclipse.swt.internal.carbon.HICommand;

    Discouraged access: The type HICommand is not accessible due to restriction on
    classpath entry

    Perhaps this is no longer available in a current SWT? Any clues from someone
    out there?

  • David

    Hi Jens,

    judging from your other comments, you already solved your problems with SWT.

    Still, here some comments: I wasn't aware of that "feature" with new swt
    archives, it's a pity, because:

    The reason why the classpath was set like that was to provide a platform
    independent solution to check out.

    Also I really like(d) the included source code in the swt project for
    development and debugging.

    You probably downloaded the newer cocoa version of SWT. Until now java
    passwordsafe builds on top of the carbon version. A switch to the new swt
    version wasn't a high priority to me, but I seem to have solved that... :-)

    For others to note: The swt.jar for all platforms for which PasswordSafeSWT is
    build can be found in the platforms folder of the project.

    Happy Hacking,


  • Jens Jorgensen
    Jens Jorgensen

    Sorry I haven't looked at this for so long. Indeed I did build on top of the
    Carbon version. It seemed the proper way. :-)

  • David

    @ everyone:

    in the meantime, I updated SWT and could simply import SWT from the package I
    downloaded from ->
    Stable Releases -> more -> "SWT Binary and Source" heading, then select Import
    -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> "Select Archive File" and chooseing the
    downloaded archive.

    @Jens you are not feeling adventurous, by any chance, and want to migrate to
    the swt carbon version? ;-)

  • Jens Jorgensen
    Jens Jorgensen

    @roxon so showing my mac idiocy, I thought that Cocoa was the "modern" api and
    Carbon was the legacy one. I do all my real work between linux and windows, so
    I've done very little on the mac (though it is my preferred laptop!) :-)

  • David

    My bad, I mixed it up... I meant the cocoa version, as mentioned in my first
    answer. No idiocy involved on your part ;-))

    Similar sitation for me, I work with linux where I can, windows where I must.
    I mainly use the mac to build the jpwsafe mac version (and debugging).

    That's why some more help for Mac would be really appreciated...