Feedback on the latest update

  • Thanks for the update of this great program. I have just upgraded from version
    0.6 - using Mac OS X 10.5.8

    Please see feed back below:

    I have experienced a hang (twice now) which means I am tempted to roll back to
    my previous version as I am not really prepared to risk all of my passwords
    with a buggy version.

    I do like the newer features like the URL field and the auto-save

    I see from previous posts that Autotype does not work on the Mac which I can

    Also the in program help links don't work

    Finally a feature request - I would love to be able to have child categories
    as I have over 100 passwords and a single category option is not enough.

    I'm not sure if you will be able to implement as I am very keen to also keep
    the portability of the .safe file between this version and the original (have
    not tested this yet on this version)

    Thanks again for your great work.

  • I had to roll back to my previous version 0.6 because of the instability

  • David

    Hi Nobody,

    have you tried to disable the locking features in security preferences?

    There seems to be a problem with them on Mac OS X.

    Concerning child categories: simply enter a . (dot) between parent and child
    category in the group name, that should do the trick (for V3 password safe
    files, I'm not sure about V2 files).

    Finally, about crashes due to locking problems: That should never ever
    leave your file in a corrupted state, because the whole trick about locking is
    to safe the file beforehand and close it.

  • The . (dot) notation works on my older version as well - thanks heaps

    I'll try upgrading again shortly.

    Regarding the instability I mentioned I am not 100% sure it is the locking but
    I'll let you know when I upgrade.

    For now busy changing categories :)

  • Heison Chak
    Heison Chak

    Thanks for the great work! Installed 0.8 beta 2a on OS X 10.6. It's working
    much better than Gorilla.

    Does anyone know if "added copy URL action (Patch #2813457 by timmydog)" is
    supposed to be just a clickable action or is it supposed to also feature hot-

  • David

    Hi Heison,

    no accelerator key or short cut is set for the Copy Url action at the moment.
    CTRL-U is already used for Copy Username...



  • Anyone got a suggestion for a key to use? How about ctrl+L (for "Link")?

    I can add this in (maybe this afternoon) unless anyone objects?


  • timmydog

    oops - logged in now! Now what was I saying?



  • timmydog

    Or ctrl+W suits me fine! ;-)

    By the time I'd done an svn update and reviewed the changes I realised that I
    should have done that before volunteering to write some code that was already

    Some nice updates though - good work!




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