JPasswords 0-6-0 RC3 Released

JPasswords is a versatile and proficient Java application to store and manage passwords on encrypted databases. Its convincing virtues are a intuitive interface and excellent cross-platform usability with a special "PORTABLE" program modus.

Reference JVM version: 1.6.0
Available GUI languages: English, German, Spanish
Database format: PWS-V3.10
Database Library: PWSLIB 2-3-0

This release brings about some smaller but also important advancements. PORTABLE Modus has
been enhanced to run more reliably by resting several option data on the local Java VM mechanism
for preferences. Thus local display features like LAF, Fonts and frame position as well as
some security settings remain savely fixed to the local host. Most notably to the user we have
SPANISH as new surface language, system tray icon support, basic print support, external mail
client calls and the possibility to define own special characters (modifications to set "Symbols")
in password generation policies. For a more complete list of changes please refer to the
"Changelog.txt" document.

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Posted by Wolfgang Keller 2012-11-28