#2 Program does not exit (Mac OS)


i am using Jpasswords 0.1.0 under Mac OS x 10.4.2 and the issue
is that I cannot terminate the programm. It just stays open.
I have tried File -Terminate, or red close button or other methods it
does not exit.
only way to exit is Alt+Mac+Esc and kill the task.
best regards
Michael obiwanŤcybortek.de


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    Good point!
    Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to test this myself,
    so I must rely on further responses by users. You can aid the
    process by looking for console output and any exceptions
    thrown/not thrown. Post a console output if possible (picture
    after you attempted to exit).

    It might be a thread termination problem. I will check through
    the code in respect to this.

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    • summary: Jpasswords does not exit --> Program does not exit (Mac OS)
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    Ok. I have opened the console and surprise when just starting the
    application and then close it straight away it works fine ! However
    starting the application, adding a new key, saving the database and exit
    it appears that it wont exit anymore. I am pasting the console output
    below. (The two exit at the end appeared after I have pressed two more
    times exit :-))
    bye Michael

    # JPWS-F start, 1124733928
    - attempting OPTION FILE: /Users/carmen/jpws.ini
    # Locale: ,
    [jpws-b] log: (Global) Standard Application: Local Files
    [jpws-b] log: (Global) Global initialized
    # JPWS-F System initialized
    # JPWS-F exit

    # JPWS-F exit
    # JPWS-F exit

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    Hm, the shutdown thread does not terminate! And what is
    more, it does not operate correctly. The condition you mention
    is puzzling.

    Can you do me the favour and make a copy of the "System
    Info" text (Help menu) and attach the file here? I must see
    what VM you are using. Many thanks!

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    So and finally I went to the java J2SE 5.0 preferences and changed the
    order of the java versions that will used for JNPL programms from
    J2SE 5.0
    J2SE 1.42
    J2SE 1.42
    J2SE 5.0

    The result is that jpws is now using 1.42 and look there it terminates
    every time. In addition it appears faster. Also Azureus seems to work
    properly. User happy !
    thanks a lot

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    The user is happy, but I am not! ;)

    I have not heard yet from JRE 1.5 users of other platforms that
    they encounter problems like you described. The surmise is
    near that there is an error in the Apple JRE implementation.
    For the moment we can put this bug aside, but further
    clearification should be initiated.

    I wonder whether you can send a message to the apple
    responsibles for this library and put them into the picture. You
    may also state this project (JPasswords) as a reference so
    they might do further investigations if they wish.

    Many thanks for your input and cooperation in this!

    - Wolfgang

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