#13 major bugs in multi-file mode


Version JPWS 0-6-0 RC1 (

I have found some nasty bugs but I am not yet able to reproduce them. Regardless, I consider them serious, so I believe it is best to report my initial observations. These bugs seem to occur in multi-file mode with 2 open password files (e.g. a.psafe3, b.psafe3):

1) the application locks, prompting for the b.psafe3 password. Each time I enter the password correctly and click "OK", the prompt re-appears immediately. If I click "Cancel", the application unlocks.
2) following #1, I close both files. However, if I re-open a.psafe3, it succeeds WITHOUT prompting for a password!

I will provide more information as I discover it.


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  • Thanks for the notice!

    At least for no. 2) I can say that this is expected behaviour. The program holds a loose cache for databases which allows key-free reopening of a closed database for a time of 10-15 seconds after closing. This looks acceptable to me from a security standpoint.

    As for no. 1) I'd be very interested to gain knowledge how to reproduce it.

    - Wolfgang

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  • Sometimes JVM gets corrupted by some error of unknown origin and shows typical failures like this.

    I hope this doesn't reappear in 0-6-0 RC3. If the problem persists, please reopen this bug report! Thank you.

    Report set to "Pending".



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