#11 hides the information window


when viewing details for a record and copy password the information window that the password has been copied will fall behind. Tested on ubuntu 8.04 with open firefox. had to play with minimizing the browser and jpasswords in order to make it visible.


  • This is not a bug of JPWS but one of the peculiarities of the Linux Java Virtual Machine. Please do me the favour and go to some Sun forum and complain about the bad state of this software. It simply lacks my understand why there is no improvement on the poor basic graphics and windowing system of Linux Java for years.

    - Wolfgang

    • assigned_to: nobody --> kse
    • milestone: --> 519197
    • status: open --> open-rejected
  • Yes, I agree with Wolfgang, I had a similar problem and found java 1.5.16 provided the most reliable graphics. I created a launch script and placed 1.5.16 in the path and haven't had a problem with graphics since.

    - Gotit

  • I must lately say that there have been some misfortune arrangements in the window hierarchy which only affected Linux LAFs. After extensive testing and corrections on Ubuntu this problem now appears to be completely solved. Please reopen if not!

    - Wolfgang



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