An idea....

  • Hi guys, last two posts from me and one day I will register here :-)

    This idea about screensaver...
    Flying logos - great. Bil logo in the center - perfect.

    But about providing interfave for the tsk to make somesoft of text output?

    For example some status messages?

    Blak screen - white text?

    Will be very usefill...

    And this flying logos... I really think that they take a lot of processing power :-) Can I turn them off? On logo.... It will be great if user will have a change to change it wuth respect to JPPF project.

    I beat that somebody will play with resourses to make it... so why don't provide option to make it easier (users must keep JPPF logo of course)

    • Laurent Cohen
      Laurent Cohen

      Thanks for your comments.

      Actually, from what I measured, the flying logos don't take much CPU. Their position is computed every 10 to 100ms (depending on the speed you choose), and they are redrawn every 33 ms (to have around 30 frames/sec).

      I understand your concerns about having the flexibility to have your own things displayed instead of some JPPF logos, and I agree completely.
      Actually, the screensaver is not in a stable state, so my preference goes to stabilizing it first, then add to it a flexible API so anyone can use their own UI instead of the JPPF one.

      I'm currently facing a number of bugs in the screensaver, and I'm really focused on it.


    • Ah I see... i think i can consider this information as an answer for the previous post...

      Laurent, could you please tell us, when more stabile version of screensaver will be available?

      Do you need some testing help?

    • Laurent Cohen
      Laurent Cohen

      Thanks, I always need some testing help :-)
      And you've already helped me by giving me clues as to what was wrong.
      I finally figured out that, for some reason, the init() method of the screensaver was called twice, causing it to start 2 nodes.
      I worked around this issue and it now seems to be stabilized enough. I'm currently investigating with the authors of the Saverbeans project.

      The next release will be early next week, and will include (among other things) a fixed screensaver.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


    • Perfect!

      From my side I promise that it will be tested in very have environment! :-)

      I have about 20000 tasks, and each takes about 30 minutes... and I will transfer quite big amount of data...

      OMG... I am scared myself!!!!