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First release.

jp scratchpad is an interactive execution environment for jpython,
it does not resemble a shell nor it is an IDE, it is mostly like mathematica notebooks.
jp scratchpad should be valuable for simple algorithms prototyping and API exploring.
Further it has some capabilities for unloading/reloading of
java classes without having to restart a whole new session.

You will need:
JPython 1.1 (http://www.jpython.org)
Finn Bock's errata for it (http://sourceforge.net/projects/bckfnn-modules)
and you should run the whole under some java2 environment
(java 1.1 will not work).
NOTE: The reloading/unloading support for java classes
is known to work properly only under jdk/jre 1.3 !!!

Posted by Samuele Pedroni 2000-09-12