JPOX Summer Code 2007

JPOX is offering Sony PSPs to students that are willing to contribute to JPOX via code extensions or substantial improvements to the code.

How many students will get a PSP?

This year JPOX will select 5 projects. Each project will be awarded one Sony PSP.

In addition to the 5 selected projects, the 2 students from the JPOX Spatial plug-in will also get a Sony PSP.

Who can apply?


Why JPOX Summer Code

We believe JPOX Summer Code 2007 is a great opportunity for students to learn Java, ORM, SQL and much more. We also believe that such kind of program will increase the interest from the open source community to collaborate with JPOX.

How to apply?

You need to make a proposal with your project description before 8/July/2007 24:00 GMT+1.

See a template for a proposal here:

Need an example? see the JPOX Spatial proposal on the same page.

Posted by Erik Bengtson 2007-06-23