#45 Readme needs to specify how to access JCL editor

JCL editor (34)

Readme needs to specify how to access JCL editor


  • This is usage error and working as designed.
    Beeing roor is not a requirement to see device information if the jpos.xml or jpos.cfg file is located in a directory that is in your CLASSPATH but that is readable by the current user ID into which the editor is running.

  • I am running JCL Editor from /etc/ directory.
    Besides the directory is included on my CLASSPATH.
    I even changed the jpos.xml owner to be the user I logged
    on to Linux.
    But when I run the JCL editor with a user different than
    root I do not see any device information.
    But if I then log on as su, and run the JCL Editor this
    time it will work fine.

  • I have a valid xml file.
    The owner is user javapos.
    The attributes are set to 777.

    If I attempt to open it, I get this error:

    "Error opening entries file"

    If I open this valid file as root, I can see all information